Style. We hear the word tossed about constantly, but what does it really mean? Style can have many meanings, but we want to look at what it means to define your personal style when it comes to decorating your home.

Personal style means the type of things you feel most comfortable surrounding yourself with. What things make you feel safe, happy, comforted, and calm? Style applies to furniture shapes and designs, colors, patterns, fabrics and other materials. Style also manifests itself in your choice of floor coverings, window treatments, lighting, wall coverings, and pretty much anything that affects your senses and emotions.

Are you starting to get the idea that the usual style categories like Traditional, Modern, Industrial, and maybe even Eclectic, are too limiting? Your personal style has been created by far too many influences, likes and dislikes, and happy memories, to be boxed in by a broad label. Your personal style is created by you, for you, and is unique to you.

What Does Amish Furniture Mean to You?

Now that we have established that your style is a reflection of who you are, let’s try a little exercise. What does the term “Amish furniture” bring to mind? Do you think of heavy, solid, traditionally styled, golden oak stained pieces? Or does it make you think of high quality furniture, made to last a long time, but that just wouldn’t look right in your home? You love the quality, but you just don’t want to be forced into the mold of what you’ve come to think of as Amish style?

Well, get ready to have that mold broken wide open! At Pumpkin Patch Market, we have combined the Amish tradition of building high quality heirloom furniture, with the latest styles and trends in home design. The result is a system which allows you to create your own personal style for every room in your home. No labels here, no feeling that you have to “settle”, no trying to “make it work.” We can guarantee you have never had this kind of experience while furniture shopping!

Control the Process

By now you are surely wondering how we can help you design the rooms you have always wanted. You shopped at the big furniture stores in the past, and all they tried to sell you was a cheaply made set of furniture that came as a set. We never liked that experience either, so there are a couple ways that we have broken the old mold of furniture design and building. 

The first is by offering you complete control of the pieces you select. Yes, we have collections if you want them, but what if you like the table from one dining room and the chairs from another? No problem! Suppose you are really into the Eclectic look and want every dining room chair to be completely different? We can do that! Maybe you want an Arts & Crafts style sofa, with a Traditional coffee table and a Modern sideboard, or perhaps you prefer the Contemporary, Transitional or Minimalist look. Whatever you choose, every piece can be customized completely, to create a unique new look or to match favorite pieces you already own.

Although we have hundreds of fabric, material, color and finish combinations, we also understand that many customers have an existing color scheme in their home that they don’t want to change. Just bring in color samples or paint chips and we can match them. In fact, we very much encourage you to bring as many ideas with you when you visit, so we can get a good idea what you like. Sketches, magazine clippings, pictures on your phone, all of these are very helpful in the design process. Just try that at the big box store!

Get the Best

No matter what options you choose, the second way we broke the old furniture building mold is with our construction methods. Of course, we have Amish craftsmen and builders who create every piece with the same attention to detail and heirloom quality construction that they always have. But we have gone one step further. We have set up a network of local builders, each of whom specializes in one type of furniture. One shop does chairs, one tables, another beds, and so on. This is more cost efficient, and means that they get very good at what they do. Then, when all the pieces are constructed, they are taken to our final finish shop, where all your pieces are finished by the same team, ensuring the finishes are a complete match.

Start Designing

The icing on the cake is our commitment to making sure you are happy with your purchase. After all, it will last for many years, so we really want you to be happy with it. Why not stop by today and get started on your journey to your perfect personal style? Call and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff: (574) 825-3312. Or visit us anytime M-F, 9am-5pm.