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Gazebos have been a feature of our lives for many years. Many of us can remember seeing them as a central feature in the local park, a gathering place for concerts, speeches, or even weddings. Gazebos come in all sizes and shapes, from 6 or 8 sided, to oval or square. The sides are usually enclosed by railings, and many gazebos are raised several steps above the surrounding ground level. Options for customizing your gazebo are many, which means you can really express your personality and style.




Having a pavilion as part of your outdoor garden or landscaping area can be almost like having an old-fashioned summer house or kitchen. With many pavilions being large enough to contain more than one living area, the options are as varied as your imagination. Kitchens, dining areas, seating groups, attached fireplaces or stone pizza ovens, outdoor theatre or sound systems, and lighting for night use are just some of the options for your pavilion. Pumpkin Patch Market has 5 styles of pavilions available.

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Having a pergola in your backyard is not only fun, but has the potential to showcase your skills as a gardener. Similar in size to a pavilion, a pergola does not have an enclosed roof, but is constructed of beams connecting the corner posts, with smaller beams across and perpendicular to the main beams. A pergola roof provides a pleasant, dappled shade, which is perfect for relaxing, as well as growing plants. If you have a wood pergola, it is very easy to train roses, wisteria, and other climbing vines to grow up the posts and fill in among the beams, making a stunning centerpiece in your landscaping when the flowers are in bloom.

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