Stylish, Beautiful, Timeless

We would all love to have people use these words to describe our landscape or yard. One of the best ways to get that reaction is to have an eye-catching central feature or structure as part of our design. A pavilion, pergola or gazebo from Pumpkin Patch Market can be just what you need. Let’s take a closer look…



An enclosed structure mainly used for storage, sheds can be as personal as you want them to be. Use it as a playhouse, mower and garden storage, small animal barn, or an outdoor kitchen. Sheds can be designed to blend in with a home, or be a total fantasy build. Add a porch for some seating or a picnic table. Put on a second story. Windows, doors, sliding access doors, electricity, and even heating and AC can be added to make your shed anything from an extra storeroom to your little getaway in the back yard!

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A pavilion is a freestanding structure without walls, with a roof built to resemble a house. Usually larger than a pergola or gazebo, they can be designed to shelter an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or a relaxing furniture grouping. Perfect for larger gatherings and parties.



A pergola is usually constructed of vertical columns or posts supporting a lattice of smaller beams which cross each other. While they only provide partial shade, they are perfect for supporting planted vines such as roses and wisteria. Pergolas can be any size and shape, from an archway over a gate, to an entire room.



A gazebo is usually a 6 or 8 sided structure with a roof and open sides, although many have railings, lattice walls, or are totally screened in to keep out the bugs. Usually smaller than a pavilion, but can be any size or shape, they make a picturesque spot for relaxation.