Having a pavilion as part of your outdoor garden or landscaping area can be almost like having an old-fashioned summer house or kitchen. With many pavilions being large enough to contain more than one living area, the options are as varied as your imagination. Kitchens, dining areas, seating groups, attached fireplaces or stone pizza ovens, outdoor theatre or sound systems, and lighting for night use are just some of the options for your pavilion. Pumpkin Patch Market has 5 styles of pavilions available.



Nothing says traditional style like wood construction. With a home-style roof, our traditional pavilion can match most homes, providing an extension of the living space, and adding to the property’s value and beauty of your landscaping. Looks great next to a water feature.




For a European touch, take a look at our alpine style pavilions. A steep, open ended roof with post and beam construction makes a dramatic statement. Columns supported by stone bases, and connecting low stone walls make this style perfect for adding a kitchen or storage areas to your outdoor living space.

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If you like entertaining on a large scale, our Grand Estate pavilion may be just what you are looking for. Designed for maximum floor space, it still retains the styling details that give it a warm traditional feel. Perfect for a dance floor, meeting space, or outdoor kitchen/living area.




For that back East elegance of days gone by, our Hampton pavilion fits the bill. Round columns, detailed moldings, high pitched roof and arched beams give this pavilion the feel of yesteryear, with slow paced living and parties with friends. A perfect style for poolside as well.

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If you are looking for a truly traditional looking pavilion, our A-frame style is perfect. The timeless feel of this style evokes memories of days gone by. Whether in wood or vinyl, this style blends well with older homes, and works equally well as a poolside structure or garden feature.

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