Having a pergola in your backyard is not only fun, but has the potential to showcase your skills as a gardener. Similar in size to a pavilion, a pergola does not have an enclosed roof, but is constructed of beams connecting the corner posts, with smaller beams across and perpendicular to the main beams. A pergola roof provides a pleasant, dappled shade, which is perfect for relaxing, as well as growing plants. If you have a wood pergola, it is very easy to train roses, wisteria, and other climbing vines to grow up the posts and fill in among the beams, making a stunning centerpiece in your landscaping when the flowers are in bloom.



Pergolas are a very versatile way of adding an outdoor living space to your home. A pergola can be built on a deck, next to a pool, or in the yard. Set it up as a living space, kitchen and dining area, or as an outdoor greenhouse, filled with potted flowers and climbing vines. Our Traditional style pergolas are available in wood or vinyl, with corner braces, and scalloped beam ends. Keep in mind that vines will not attach to vinyl.




For a clean, modern look, the Artisan model pergola from Pumpkin Patch Market is the perfect choice, specially next to your pool. Fill it with lounge chairs for relaxing after a swim, add a grill and storage for snacking during a lazy afternoon. Hang strings of lights to set the mood for parties. The Artisan is available in vinyl or wood, and numerous options ensure that you can design the pergola that fits best with your existing home.

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