Have you been thinking that your landscaping needs a focal point? Or you would like to have an area outside for relaxing or dining? Why not do it all with a completely customized gazebo from Pumpkin Patch Market? Of course, you’ve heard everyone say theirs are the best, but when we help you design a gazebo, built by Amish craftsmen, we think you will agree that ours are the best you can buy.

Add Value & Function

Gazebos are a great addition to your home, and can greatly increase its value. Whether it is connected to your home via a deck, or is located further out in your yard, the options are endless. And depending on the options you choose, we can build your gazebo to be useful almost year round.

Kitchens, dining areas, game-rooms, hot tubs, playrooms, and just plain relaxing space are a few reasons why our customers have built gazebos. We can install electricity, which means you can have cooking appliances, heating, lighting, and even AC units. This makes your gazebo useful for those less than perfect weather days. And when you install screens to keep out flying critters, and windows to keep out the cold or heat, you expand its usefulness.

Built To Last

Our gazebos have so many options available that you will really benefit from visiting us here at Pumpkin Patch Market, but let’s look at a few of them. We have octagon, oval and rectangle shapes up to 20’ in size, and they all come in wood or vinyl material. If you really want to do it big, we have a large, 12-sided model that can be up to 30’ across! This size is great for large events and municipal parks.

There are several roof styles and you can add vents and cupolas for even more charm and style. Options for roof materials include shingles, cedar shakes, or standing seam metal. Of course, we want your new gazebo to fit in with your existing home, so the roof materials and colors, as well as the paint or stain on a wood gazebo, can be the same as your home, or an accenting color. The choice is yours! If you choose our vinyl gazebo material, it is available is white or almond color.

There are also options for different spindle styles for railings, flooring materials inside, and you can also choose Victorian style braces and turned posts. Benches can be installed inside for seating, or you can choose from our wide selection of outdoor poly furniture. Of course, if you want to install lighting, or other electrical appliances, we can help you design the system to make it safe and practical.

No matter which style or options you choose, you can rest assured that our team of local Amish craftsmen will use the best materials, combined with a strong work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction, to build you the best quality gazebo you can find anywhere. We don’t want to sell you a replacement gazebo in a few years. We want to sell a gazebo to your friends and family after they see how much fun they have visiting yours! We want you to look at your gazebo after all the mess is cleaned up and the last worker has left, and know that you have something you and your family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Let’s Get Started!

Our friendly staff will be glad to meet you and help you start your design process. Bring along pictures, sketches, and any ideas you might have about the style and function you are imagining for your gazebo, and we will help you decide which one is perfect for you. Call us at 574-825-3312 or stop by the store to get started.