You love the outdoors. You can’t wait to get home from work to relax on the back deck. You prefer to spend your weekends by the pool, reading a book in the shade, or hosting a gathering of family and friends. As long it’s outside, you’re happy!

There’s only one problem. You are sick and tired of your outdoor furniture. It’s worn out and it shows. It’s ugly, needs paint or stain, has broken parts and rusty hardware. You have several choices. You can buy new furniture, spend hours sanding, staining, painting, and repairing, only to repeat it in a couple years, or just be embarrassed when people come over.

There is an answer to all these problems. Poly furniture! You’ve probably seen it before. Brightly colored furniture on a deck or around a pool. Makes you want to be friends with the owner! But have you ever thought about being the owner?

Pumpkin Patch Market has a great selection of poly furniture and entertainment accessories, and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

What Is Poly furniture?

Poly furniture is an environmentally friendly product that not only uses recycled plastic, but lasts a very long time, thus keeping material out of the landfill for many years. Some of the features of quality poly lumber are very simple maintenance, UV stable material colored all the way through, and stainless-steel fittings that will not rust. Plus, it’s heavy enough not to end up in the neighbor’s yard after a windstorm!

The selection of styles and colors of poly furniture is stunning. Whether you like traditional, Adirondack, or more modern, there is a style that will accent your setting. There are also designs that can make it easier for older people, or those with health issues, to get the best use from their furniture.

What Is Available?

No matter what your needs or lifestyle, there is a wide enough selection of poly furniture pieces to give you just what you want. As your lifestyle changes over the years, you can add new pieces, and with the stability of poly material, your new pieces will be a great match for the furniture you bought earlier.

If you just want a porch swing for two, or a whole deck full of chairs, you can do that. If you have a pergola or gazebo that needs a table and chairs for games, we have that. A picnic table for the family, no problem. And if you love to have big gatherings of family and friends, with a serving bar, dining tables, and lots of areas for conversation, all you need to supply is the space!

What Do I Do First?

Like any purchase of quality furniture, there are several things to do before writing the check. You should write down your goals for your outdoor furniture. Do you want to have a couple pieces just to relax in private, or do you want to entertain your family, or maybe even larger groups? Measure the space available. Poly furniture can also be used indoors, so if you have a large-enclosed sunroom or gazebo, in addition to an outside space, you may want to consider some pieces for those areas as well, to expand your entertainment space.

The next step is to visit Pumpkin Patch Market to see what we have in stock. Or visit the website for the complete list of what is available. Check the dimensions of the pieces you are interested in and make sure they will fit your space. Check the costs and make sure your dream collection is within your budget.

A Closer Look

Let’s run through some scenarios and see what’s available. If you are looking for just a chair or two for snoozing, reading a good book, or working on your laptop, you can choose from a number of options. If you like the Adirondack style, there is the classic Adirondack chair, a redesigned version that is easier to get in and out of, folding Adirondack chairs, a couple of style tweaks on the classic Adirondack, and even a chaise lounge.

Other chair designs are rockers in Adirondack and various other styles, directors chairs, recliners, and even a couple chairs equipped with a connecting table and cup holders for snacking or working.

If a glider chair is more your style, there are several styles available. Several of them come in a balcony version, which is designed to sit a bit higher and has a footrest. This can help those with issues standing up from regular height seating, or if you feel better with your feet a bit higher. If you really like to get your feet up, get a gliding footstool!

Sharing your down time is easy with poly chairs as well. Many of the glider style chairs come in wider sizes, for two or more people. There are also some with fold down center sections that have cup holders, for outdoor snacking with a friend.

For the ultimate in moving seating, why not try a swing? There are traditional porch swings in several sizes, A-frame styles in metal or poly material, and even a beautiful arbor style swing frame that would look great in any landscaped yard.

What’s Available for Entertaining?

Hosting larger groups is where poly furniture really shines. From the range of pieces to choose from, to the ease of cleaning up a messy party later, poly furniture is great for having people over.

First, let’s look at tables. There are round, oval, and square dining tables, as well as A-frame tables and traditional picnic tables. One standout is a cleverly designed picnic table that seats 8, with no climbing over the bench seats!

There are tables available in different heights and widths, from regular tables to bar height, even half-round tables. You can also find small end tables that can be placed between chairs to make small conversation and eating groups.

If you prefer one large table for group dining, get several large tables and place them end to end. You can choose between regular chairs, or bench seating, for that more rustic feel. If you prefer smaller tables and more of them, there are plenty of options for that, including tables as small as 28”.

For those who want the new higher bar height tables and chairs, examples abound. Try a swivel or fixed chair, even a counter height glider. To round out your bar area, there is an enclosed serving bar, with ample storage and shelves for all your bar, dining, or party supplies. And when it comes time to set out the food for a carry-in dinner, there is a buffet table with a lower shelf for those crockpot lids!

That Little Bit Extra

If you are truly a fan of poly furniture and plan to create an outdoor setting, it takes more than just chairs and tables. There are lots of options available to dress up your entertainment area and make it more comfortable.

How about some cushions? There are versions crafted for benches, lounges, swings and chairs. You can even get lumbar, neck, and throw pillows. All our cushions feature high quality fabric from Sunbrella®, which is designed to withstand the elements. A large selection of patterns and colors means you will be able to find a fabric that complements your furniture. Cushions have ties attached so you can easily secure them to different chair styles.

If you want to add flowers to your dining area, there are several types of planters available. Accent tables such as coffee tables, end tables, and sofa tables can be added to you setting. Add-on cup holders can be attached to most seating options, and several ottomans and footstools add to the comfort and homey atmosphere you can create.

Some other handy items you might want to consider are trash cans, hall trees, and umbrellas to shade you in the heat of the day. Of course, stopping by Pumpkin Patch Market will ensure you don’t miss any new products!

Keep Your Poly Furniture Fresh

No matter where you live, poly furniture can withstand wide temperature swings, UV light, rain, snow, and ice, making it ideal for outside living year round. It is also resistant to salt, chlorine and mildew, so it’s perfect for your pool area. Of course, the stain resisting qualities make it perfect for picnic or dining tables, since any spilled food can be easily washed off with water.

Eventually, though, anything that is outside will need some cleaning. For normal maintenance, a spray with the hose will do. For deeper cleaning, soap and water is best, although a rinse first will remove grit that could scratch if scrubbed in. You can purchase cleaners specially formulated for poly furniture as well.

For more detailed cleaning details, check out our earlier blog post on how to keep poly furniture looking its best.

Poly Furniture at Pumpkin Patch Market

Explore the possibilities of adding poly furniture from Pumpkin Patch Market to your yard. Search our website and check out the huge variety of colors, styles available for each type of furniture. This will help you get an idea what we sell, and will give you ideas for your dream furniture group.

Make plans to to visit our showroom. The beauty and style of poly furniture is best experienced in person. Sit on the chairs. Spend a while in one of our swings. Check out the unique design of our octagon picnic table. Feel how smooth the material is, and see for yourself just how the color on our samples has stayed bright and vibrant after several years in the sun and winter weather. If you need any help at all, just visit or call: 574-825-3312