There is probably no more important piece of home furniture than the bed. If you don’t have a sturdy and properly sized bed, even a great mattress won’t help give you the great sleep you deserve.

Perhaps we are preaching to the choir and you are already suffering from a rundown, cheap, or just poor quality bedroom set. That great bargain at the big box furniture store turned out to not be so cheap after all, because just several years after buying it, you are faced with buying a replacement. What to do?

There are a couple things you can do. Head back to that same store and hope they have the same set, which is a possibility, because your other one fell apart so fast it might still be in style. Or you can pick an entirely new style, which won’t be any better quality than the one you bought last time, but at least it will look better for a while.

But you know we wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t have a much better idea, one you might have briefly considered and rejected as too expensive, or maybe you’ve never even heard of it. Would you believe it if we told you that you can buy a bedroom set that could last several generations, be exactly what you wanted because you designed it, and not be so expensive you will need a second mortgage? It’s true. We can help you get the perfect bed and accompanying pieces at a price that makes sense.

You can keep buying low-quality bedrooms pieces or buy what you love and enjoy it for years to come. Over the years, you’ll likely spend more money on multiple low-quality options and ultimately have nothing to show for it.

Let’s change the pattern get exactly what you want.

Choose an An Amish Built Bedroom Set

You have heard us extolling the benefits of owning Amish, hand-crafted furniture before. We offer the same time-tested quality in bedroom sets. Our builders craft furniture the way they have been taught for generations. They use the best materials, methods, and customize according to your request. Our bedroom sets are built to be comfortable, beautiful, and to satisfy.

Getting value for your money is an important concept to all of us when buying, but it can be hard to achieve when it isn’t also important to the people building what you are buying. And we emphasize the word “people”, because when you buy Amish-crafted furniture, you aren’t getting a slapped together product from somewhere overseas, made with the cheapest materials.

When you choose Pumpkin Patch Market, you are choosing to work with people who know how important your hard-earned money is. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best options. Your bedroom set will be built by local Amish builders who are committed to building the best pieces for your home. Not only are our builders committed, but our in-store staff are too. We live and work locally, and enjoy frequent visits from our customers.

Get the Options and Consistency You Want

At Pumpkin Patch Market, we carry several bedroom furniture lines, all from local builders. Our builders maintain the highest level of quality standards. Every piece is made from hand selected wood, and built to last, with sturdy metal hardware and dovetailed drawers. But here is the best part: You get to choose which pieces you want. You can mix and match styles or choose a single style to create the look and feel you want.

Of course, there are many other options to customize your bedroom. You can choose what variety of wood you want, stain, paint, or finish that works best with your decor. How about built-in nightlights, hidden drawers, USB hubs? These are just a few of the many options we offer. You can choose your hardware, drawer slides, closers and more. With all the options we have for you to customize your furniture, we guarantee you can design a bedroom set you’ll love.

No matter which pieces you select to complete your bedroom set, when it is all completely built and you have selected your colors and finish, all the pieces are sent to the same place for the finishing work. We recognize how important the final finish is to the overall look and feel of your furniture, so we created this system to make sure that the finish of all your selected pieces is consistent.

Make the Dream Come True

If getting the best bedroom set for your money is something you want find out more about, stop by our showroom at Pumpkin Patch Market or call to speak to our knowledgeable staff. They will be happy to explain all the options and benefits available for you. Start designing the bedroom set of your dreams!