Buying quality hardwood furniture is an investment in the future. By simply taking a bit of time to do your research and closely examining furniture while shopping, you can be sure you are getting the best. After all, you want your furniture to last for generations.

Where to Start

Knowing what types of wood are usually used for constructing hardwood furniture is key. Oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and hickory are commonly used. Be aware that some woods that are technically hardwoods are very soft and unsuitable for quality furniture. You want to stick with solid wood construction as well, and steer clear of veneers and plywood. In the hands of a craftsman, solid wood equals solid construction.

It’s All In The Details

Don’t be afraid to spend as much time as you need to examine a piece of furniture closely. Anyone trying to rush you may have something to hide. Ask questions, lift it up, turn it over, open doors and drawers, crawl underneath if you have to! Don’t forget to take a flashlight with you.

How the joints of hardwood furniture are constructed is extremely important. You want to see dovetail or mortis and tenon joints, and lots of corner braces. If the piece is not huge, pick it up by one corner. If it is made correctly, the whole piece should lift up, not just one corner. Wobbly, twisting, or sagging furniture is not quality.

Drawers should have metal slides and floating bottoms. All doors and drawers should close smoothly and fit flush and tight. This not only looks good, but keeps dust off of the insides. Wood backs should use premium joinery and should not be stapled. Even parts underneath should be sanded smooth and finished, to lessen the effects of changing humidity. 

Making It Look Good

A piece of strongly constructed hardwood furniture can be ruined by shoddy wood quality, sanding, staining and finishing. Check for cracks, splinters, knots, and other signs that less than top-grade wood has been used. Don’t settle for low-grade wood in unseen areas. Those are the places where furniture gets its strength.

Run your hand over the surface. If any area feels rough, or the finish looks cloudy or different, it may be a sign that the wood wasn’t sanded good enough before finishing. Also, examine the bottom of all furniture pieces. Some sellers will avoid finishing the entire piece to save money.

Make sure the stain color is consistent all around, without light and dark areas, rough spots, and runs or drips. Check to see that the final finish is what is being advertised. A finish called high gloss should be glass smooth, without any matte or rough areas. Whatever the surface is called, unless it is a distressed finish, it should be completely free of checks and cracks, orange peel texture, fuzz, bubbles, brush marks, and anything else that detracts from the look and feel of the finish.

Your Guarantee of Quality

When you buy quality hardwood furniture from Pumpkin Patch Market, most of the concerns addressed above have already been taken care of. We have approximately forty-five dedicated Amish craftsmen building solid, indoor, wood furniture. 

Not only do each one of our builders understand how to construct heirloom quality furniture that will be passed down to your children and grandchildren, they take pride in having a satisfied customer today. The attention given to quality wood selection, strong construction, and fine finishes, guarantees you the best hardwood furniture available anywhere.         

But none of this quality construction takes place without your help. You can choose from dozens of options at each step, until we have helped you plan the perfect piece. Only then do we turn your project over to our fine craftsmen.

Do yourself and your descendants a favor, stop by Pumpkin Patch Market today and let us show you how easy it is to add beautiful hardwood furniture to your home.