We all remember Grandma’s table. Loaded with delectable dishes and the sweetest desserts. We were surrounded by family and friends on those special holidays. As soon as we were old enough to sit at the “big table” with the adults, we felt the special meaning of Grandma’s table.

And even on those times when it was just us and Grandma, we always somehow seemed to end up at the dining room table. Perhaps we just helped her fold laundry, make noodles or cookies, maybe we played games, worked on a puzzle, or just enjoyed a cup of tea and listened to her tell stories of her childhood.

Grandma loved her dining room table. Whether she bought it new, or if she inherited it from her grandma, she loved that table. Partly because of the way it drew her family closer to her, but also because she knew it was a great table, made when people cared about quality and making furniture that lasted.

But time marches on. Grandma may be gone now, and the days when you could just go to your local department store and buy an heirloom quality dining room table are certainly no more.

Enjoy Old-World Craftsmanship

At Pumpkin Patch Market, we too, miss Grandma’s table. So we decided to do something about it. That’s why we offer one of the widest selections of dining room tables and chairs you will find, and the best part is that the quality is the same, or even better, than what was available in Grandma’s day.

Our tables are built like all our furniture. We choose only the best, hand-selected hardwoods. We use high quality hardware and construction methods. And best of all, our tables are built by Amish craftsmen, whose commitment to doing good work that will last for generations, results in a table that will start it’s journey to becoming one of your family’s heirloom pieces as soon as you take it home.

Back in Grandma’s day, she most likely just went to the store and bought from what was on display. But we know today’s buyer wants something not only quality, but unique to them. Something that expresses their personality and style. That’s why we feature totally custom built tables and chairs at Pumpkin Patch Market.

Explore Modern Hardwood Furniture

You certainly can choose a table that would look right at home in Grandma’s house. If you prefer the standard oak table with a traditional stain, we will be happy to oblige. But we also have many more styles, from Traditional, Arts & Crafts, European styles, right on through much more modern and contemporary looks. We pride ourselves in offering you the latest in furniture trends, built to the same Amish quality standard as all our furniture.

Right now, live edge furniture is all the rage, and we have many options to pick from. Pub style tables are also popular, and we have a great selection, along with many other types, styles and designs of tables. All our tables have chairs to match, but here is where the fun begins. When we say we offer totally custom furniture, that’s just what we mean. You can choose your table, then decide what chairs you want. If you want every chair to be different, no problem. If you want different woods, stains, paint, or upholstery, we can do that. This is your table and chairs, and we want you to have it your way.

One unique feature of Pumpkin Patch Market furniture is our team approach to building. One builder may do the table, another some of the chairs, and yet another the rest. But when all the pieces are built, they are taken to one more shop for the final staining, painting or finishing. This guarantees a consistent look for your whole dining room set. We’re pretty sure Grandma didn’t have these options!

Start Creating Your Table

Here at Pumpkin Patch Market, we love nothing more than helping you get started on your journey to creating your own set of heirloom furniture. If you want a table like Grandma’s, bring us a photo if you have one, or you can browse our extensive catalogs. If you see photos of tables in magazines or online that you like, copy them and bring them in when you visit.

It is also helpful to bring us the dimensions of the room where your new table will be, with doorways and windows marked, so we can help you choose the best shape and size for the available area. If you have photos, paint samples, and fabric swatches of anything in your home you want the table and chairs to match or accent, we’d love to see those. We have hundreds of fabrics, and we can match any paint and stain colors that you may already have.

We invite you to stop by and visit our showroom and our helpful staff. We look forward to helping you create cherished memories of Grandma’s table for your children and grandchildren. If you would like to call first, you can reach us at (574) 825-3312.