Space. We always seem to need more! And the reasons are almost infinite. Depending on our lifestyle, family, business, or hobbies, our need for more storage, play, work, or just fun space never seems to end.

The options for a storage shed are even more numerous than the reasons you may need one. You can opt for a very simple and basic design that just keeps rain off your stuff, or you can design a small building with almost all the comforts of home. Options vary according to how you plan to use your shed. Be sure to consider your purposes, budget and of course, your imagination. These factors will guide the design process.

Want to Avoid an Expensive Mistake?

In the world of custom sheds, there are many options. But, there is one option you definitely want to avoid. That is settling for a cheaply made structure that appears to be nice because it’s new. Many sub-par buildings look great, but are built without quality in mind. Although the initial cost is low, if there even are options for customizing, they can quickly add to the price, because the builder is not interested in building custom, quality, designed sheds. They want to move inventory, not create a product that will last many years.

Luckily, there is no reason to compromise on your dreams. At Pumpkin Patch Market, we are not only professionals at designing storage sheds, but we actually enjoy helping you design a custom structure that will last for many years and fulfill all your needs. We not only have local Amish builders who put quality and customer satisfaction above everything else, but we have an experienced staff and a 3D Shed Builder tool available to help you through your design process.

What’s Special About an Amish Built Shed?

Anyone can quickly throw together a flimsy shed made of cheap materials. But if you want more for your money, stop by Pumpkin Patch Market and explore the shed and storage building choices, all locally made by Amish craftsmen.

What makes an Amish built shed special is not just who built it, but the high quality materials, experienced construction, attention to detail, and chance to get exactly what you want.

Our Amish builders learned early in life the importance of going the extra mile, treating customers right, and making something that will last. Many of them spend their childhood years in their father’s shop or business. The skills, attitudes and honest way of doing business are passed from one generation to another, and the result is a builder you can trust to give you a quality product.

Another concept that drives Amish craftsmen is frugality. Being frugal doesn’t mean cheap, it means getting the most for your investment. It just makes sense to pay twice as much for something if it will last 5 times as long. This is why you will find the best quality materials and workmanship in an Amish built shed. They know that even though their products may cost a bit more in the beginning, you will you enjoy them for many years.

I Have Big Dreams, Can You Help Me?

Big dreams doesn’t have to mean big in size, cost, or options. It can also mean you have been looking for a simple storage shed that will last a long time, and be an asset to your property, not an eyesore that you hide in the back yard. Our staff will show you options for roof materials and colors, which can match the shingles on your home. We can match paint and vinyl colors as well. Trim, windows, and doors can match or complement colors and styles.

Big dreams also means the best quality materials will be used for your shed. Premium grade lumber, real wood siding, tongue & groove plywood floors, and tough roofing materials are just the beginning. No matter what options you choose, you can be sure the materials are long lasting and the construction is meticulous.

Big dreams can also mean owning a shed that was designed by you, for you, and having access to the best builders around. From simple storage to animal shelters with room for feed storage, we can do that. Want to combine storage with a playhouse? Need a pool house for storing pool toys and maybe entertaining at pool parties? What about a shop to enjoy your hobby, and a space for customers to buy what you have created? Have a green thumb? You won’t believe the potting sheds we can build for you!

Need Ideas?

If you have a small business and need an office away from the family, no problem. Need a summer kitchen for canning or cooking for outdoor parties? Want a workshop with garage style doors for unloading supplies and shipping finished products? Are you a car collector? We can build you the project shop you’ve always wanted, with room to store your cars!

If you enjoy socializing and entertaining outdoors, you need to check out the many styles of structures we have available. Many of them have porches for relaxing, and multiple door and window options. Changing rooms, pump and filter rooms, snack rooms, are all options for a pool house. And if you like to entertain after dark, we can install electrical packages as well.

We didn’t forget the kids, either. We can build a playhouse that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Porches, lofts, flower boxes, fancy roof trim, and upstairs windows are just a few of the extra details that can be added to make your playhouse special.

Just How Far Can I Go With My Design?

Once you have a basic idea what you want to use your shed for, you might want to visit the 3D Shed Builder on our website. Although not all of our shed styles are featured there, you can get a pretty good idea of the options that can be applied to any style or design.

You will notice the wide choice of sizes that each style comes in. That can also make a big difference in how you may choose to use your shed, and the options you decide to have built. For example, if you have a hobby that has become a business, you can take a shed that would be nice for a small workshop and office, and expand it to include a larger working area, storage, and even a retail space.

As you check out the different features that can be added to your design, you will see lofts, work benches, shelving, interior walls, and ladders. There are options for different flooring materials and heavy duty floors. If you want to use your building year round, we have insulation options as well. We can also construct your building so you can add plumbing, lighting, heat & AC, interior walls and more, using your own contractor, or do it yourself.

What Else Should I Consider?

Although designing your own structure is lots of fun, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid disappointments later. Check your local zoning laws to see if there are rules on backyard structures. Give your tax preparer a call, an added structure may add to your yearly taxes.

Next, check your property. Do you have plenty of easy access to all the doors, both entry and loading doors? You will need to prep the site for the building, so make sure you check with our staff for details. Will you want to install a driveway, electrical service, water lines, etc.? Even if you plan for upgrades later on, now is the time to plan to make it as easy as possible.

Check the building placement on your property. Make sure not to put it where it might flood during heavy rains. Will the sight lines stay good as your landscaping grows? How will the sun affect the building throughout the day? If you don’t want the sun shining in your eyes at sunset, you might not want to have the porch facing west. Considering small details like that now will avoid headaches later.

Privacy might also be an issue, depending on how you plan to use your building. Can you use landscaping or fences to help keep the neighbors happy?

How Do I Get Started?

When you use the 3D Shed Builder, you’ll notice a variety of options that allow you to generate a realistic view of what your building will look like. You’ll also get an estimated cost to give you an idea of what your investment looks like. If you’re short on time, or simply have an idea, you can save your design for later revisions. Contact us for building schedules and site prep requirements.

If you prefer, you can stop by our location with your sketches and ideas, and our experienced staff will help you finalize your dream shed. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure yet what all you want, because we really love to meet our customers and help them design buildings they will be happy with for many years.

How Do I Contact You?

We’re always eager to help our customers find or create the perfect building. You can visit us at our store located at 10532 US 20, Middlebury, IN 46540 or call us at (574) 825-3312. Our hours are: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and we are open on Saturdays from 9am – 3pm. We are closed on Sundays. Feel free to visit or call with all of your shed-related questions. We will help you find the perfect fit!