Let’s face it, the time has come. That lawnmower is deteriorating quickly sitting out in the weather. The kids toys are forever getting scattered around the yard. Your firewood is always wet. It’s time for a storage shed.

At this point, you have several choices. You can drive around looking for a local handyman selling cheap storage sheds in his yard. Maybe he will have something you can make work for a couple years before it falls apart. You can run down to the local home center and get a plastic kit that looks like it will be a quick fix, but it just isn’t big enough. There are many cheap alternatives out there, and cheap probably applies to more than just the price.

The best thing you can do is to stop by Pumpkin Patch Market. They carry Amish built sheds and storage barns that will take care of any storage need you could have, and do it with the ultimate in style and durability.

What’s Better About An Amish Built Shed?

Amish built sheds are known for their craftsmanship and longevity. But what makes that true? A quick look at the Amish and their culture will give you the answer:

  • Ancestral roots in Switzerland & Germany, countries known for quality craftsmanship
  • A history of handing down family heirlooms
  • A strong belief in treating the customer right
  • Commitment to quality
  • Giving good value for money

While these may seem smart business practices for anyone, for Amish craftsmen, it’s a way of life. They have a long history of handing down tools, furniture, and personal possessions from one generation to the next. The only way this works is to start with very high quality. Passing this love of quality along to customers, treating them the way they want to be treated, and giving them extra value for their money, is just the right way to do business.

What’s Special About an Amish Built Shed?

Once a builder has a commitment to quality, the next step is to start with the best materials. Premium grade lumber, real wood siding, tongue & groove plywood floors, and tough roofing materials are just the beginning. If your shed will see a lot of use, you can select from several upgrades that will give you a heavy duty shed that can stand up to whatever you throw at it.

But durability is just the starting point. You want your shed to look good and have some style as well. We have plenty of options available to make your shed fit right in with your current décor.

And at Pumpkin Patch Market, creating a great storage shed is just one option. If you want a playhouse, pool house, workshop, or garage, we have that covered. With our building options, you can create the perfect building for whatever you have in mind. Here are just some of the ways you can customize your building:

  • Windows in several styles, in any amount and location
  • Entry, garage, or rollup or ramp doors
  • Options for roofing styles & materials
  • Color and texture options for walls and trim
  • Electrical packages
  • Lofts, work benches, shelving, interior walls

We can also construct your building so you can add plumbing, lighting, heat & AC, and more.

Design It Yourself

Since Pumpkin Patch Market is Northern Indiana’s choice for Amish built storage options, we know you will want to check out what we have available. Your time is valuable, so we have designed a way for you to design your shed before you stop by our store. Spend some time with the 3D Shed Builder program on our website. It will help you visualize your shed, barn, or shop. Experiment as much as you like with all the sizes and options. The program is easy to use, and the possibilities are almost endless.         

Once you have a design you like, simply send it to us for a preliminary quote. You can save your design for later revisions. More information about quotes, pricing, and warranties is also available on this page. You should contact us for building schedules and site prep requirements, but we do hope you will stop by and visit us in person. We really love to meet our customers and help them design buildings they will be happy with for many years.