Table Of Contents

1. Building a Bedroom
2. Decorating For Relaxation
3. Scale Is Important
4. Your Bedroom Source

Your bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It’s where you wind down before going to sleep, and it also should gently help you get ready to face another day. Your bedroom should be an escape, an oasis where you can truly relax.

Building a Bedroom

If you are building a new home, planning your bedroom carefully can save headaches later. Don’t put a bedroom next to a kitchen wall, or other noisy room. If you live near a highway, don’t plan for your bed to be against the outside wall. Try not to put your bed under a window if you want a headboard. This interferes with natural light and window treatments. Plan for your bed to be in the center of the room or wall, not in a corner, which makes it harder to make the bed.

Decorating For Relaxation

Since a bedroom is a place to relax, using low-key colors and patterns works best. If you want to paint the walls a light color, keep to neutral tones. If you want more color, make them darker and more saturated. For bright color accents, use pillows, throws, or artwork.

If you don’t have wall to wall carpet, consider placing the bed on an area rug, making sure to size it large enough to stand on when getting out of bed. Rugs not only add a warm look to a room, but deaden sound. If you just use small rugs next to the bed, make sure they have a non-slip backing. A textured rug is nice, as a mix of colors and textures in a bedroom will make it look warm and inviting.

Consider your blinds and curtains carefully. It’s easy to have too much or too little light entering your room. One solution is to have a room darkening blind behind curtains or sheers that let in a decent amount of light.
Speaking of light, try to keep lighting warm and relaxing. Using dimmers on bedroom lighting is a good idea. Sconces and reading lights are nice, and small scale chandeliers are available if you want to dress it up a bit. Just remember to keep your décor somewhat informal. A very uptight décor is not very relaxing.

Scale Is Important

The scale of bedroom furniture is very important. Make the bed fit the space, leaving room to walk around at least 3 sides of the bed. If your bed is too large, it limits space for storage options such as small tables, and can make it hard to open closet doors.

For the most relaxed feel, avoid buying huge matching sets of bedroom furniture, because they usually have too many pieces for anything but a large room. Buy what you like, even if it doesn’t match.

Carefully curating the size and amount of furniture leaves more room for other useful items. You will be sitting at times while getting ready in the morning. Why not plan a space for a small chair? And don’t forget a tall mirror, either wall mounted or sitting on the floor.

Scale is key when selecting a headboard. Make sure it doesn’t overpower the bed. Bedside tables need to be scaled right, too high or low can be very annoying later. One trick to make your bed appear larger is to raise it higher off the floor. This also gives you much more storage underneath.

Your Bedroom Source

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