We’ve all seen them. Bright colored groups of chairs, tables, benches and swings on someone’s deck or in their backyard. Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that you’re glad you don’t have to do the upkeep on all those pieces. Of course, you have in mind the common, wood, Adirondack chairs we’re so used to. You know the ones: they need have at least 3 coats of paint and lots of fixing up!

You might be surprised to learn that this is poly furniture, outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic material. It is a popular way of not only having a wide variety of maintenance free furniture for your yard, but also doing your part to protect and keep the environment clean.

What is Poly Furniture?

Just what is poly furniture made from? It is created by using recycled plastic such as milk jugs and soap bottles. The plastic scrap is cleaned, ground up, and mixed with binders to create a very long lasting and stable building material that is 90% recycled material.

Usually sold to builders in the form of lumber style “boards” it can be sawed, sanded, drilled, and assembled into products like traditional wood lumber.

The benefits of using recycled material is that it keeps all that plastic out of landfills, and due to its long lasting properties, once it is built into a product such as furniture, it will last for many years and won’t be discarded because of deterioration.

Because poly furniture never rots, cracks, or splinters, it needs no maintenance other than a spray with the hose if it gets dirty. Molded in color means no more stripping, sanding and painting every couple years, which can release harmful chemicals into the environment. No matter where you live, poly furniture can withstand wide temperature swings, UV light, rain, snow, and ice, making it ideal for outside living year round. It is also resistant to salt, chlorine and mildew, so it’s perfect for your pool area. Of course, the stain resisting qualities make it perfect for picnic or dining tables, since any spilled food can be easily washed off with water.

Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture

In addition to the long lasting properties of poly furniture, it is a very strong material, which makes it useful for designing furniture that needs to take a lot of use and abuse, and not just from nature. And the ability of poly material to be nearly any color means you can make it beautiful and stylish, matching your existing décor very well. In the hands of the Amish craftsmen that build furniture for Pumpkin Patch Market, this raw poly material becomes a wide variety of outdoor poly furniture that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

Poly Furniture Comes in Varieties

When you start to look at poly furniture, you will quickly discover that poly isn’t just for chairs! The list of furniture you can build with poly material is as unlimited as your imagination. Dining tables and chairs, rockers, gliders, porch swings, lounge chairs and traditional Adirondack style seating is just the beginning. Poly furniture is perfect for pool furniture, pieces to furnish your backyard deck, or picnic tables for a camping area.

Add a serving bar and stools to several conversation groups and you have a great setup for entertaining on any scale. If quiet relaxing is more your style, put a poly swing under a gazebo and fall asleep to the sounds of summer.

Poly Furniture From Pumpkin Patch Market

Once you decide you want to investigate the possibilities of adding premium poly furniture from Pumpkin Patch Market to your yard, you have several options. You can visit our website and check out the huge variety of colors, styles available for each type of furniture. This will help you get an idea what we sell, and will give you ideas for your dream furniture group.

Even better than visiting our website is a visit to our showroom. The beauty and style of poly furniture is best experienced in person. Sit on the chairs. Spend a while in one of our swings. Check out the unique design of our octagon picnic table. Feel how smooth the material is, and see for yourself just how the color on our samples has stayed bright and vibrant after several years in the sun and winter weather.