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Gazebos have been a feature of our lives for many years. Many of us can remember seeing them as a central feature in the local park, a gathering place for concerts, speeches, or even weddings. Gazebos come in all sizes and shapes, from 6 or 8 sided, to oval or square. The sides are usually enclosed by railings, and many gazebos are raised several steps above the surrounding ground level. Options for customizing your gazebo are many, which means you can really express your personality and style.
The octagon, or 8-sided, style gazebo is the one most people think of first. Elegant, romantic and relaxing, you can design your octagon gazebo to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a place to put your hot tub, love dining outdoors, or want a place for the kids to play in summer, you should stop by Pumpkin Patch Market and let us help you design your new gazebo.
Our oval gazebo has the same timeless character of the octagon, but the oval shape allows for more versatility and multiple uses. Have a seating group at one end, with a play area at the other. Have your grill next to the dining area without crowding. What about his and hers ends, for those times when you want to be together, but be doing your own things? If you can dream it, we can make it happen.
If a square or rectangle shape gazebo would fit better with your style, no problem! We can do that. This style makes a perfect outdoor room, whether you are looking for a family room, game room, or a place to host larger parties, we can build your rectangle gazebo to suit any function. You won’t believe how many options are available to make this your very own creation.
This is the gazebo for people with big dreams. A 12-sided, or do-decagon shape, it will make a dramatic statement wherever it is. If you host reunions or large parties at your home, or if you just want to have a space that can host whatever you can throw at it, this is for you. If you need a space for public use such as craft shows, exhibits, or weddings, the options available for this gazebo will help you get the most out of your investment.


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