Spring is getting closer and the summer projects are looming. Whatever you have planned, redoing your landscaping, a playhouse for the grandkids, or just cleaning out the garage, it’s a safe bet more room would be nice. Now may be the perfect opportunity to design your own backyard shed.

What Can I Do With A Shed?

A high quality shed can serve many functions. Do you have a hobby that has become a small business and need room for a workshop, shipping department, and office? Maybe you have grandkids that would love a playhouse. Are you a weekend farmer with a few animals? Does your pool need a kitchen/storage/dressing room area? Or do you just need a simple storage shed?

You can design the perfect shed to meet your needs by using our 3D Shed Builder!

3d shed builder 1

Getting Started

The best way to design your shed is to start by deciding what you want to use it for and make a list of features. Make sketches, or collect pictures of sheds you like. Imagine yourself using the shed. Do you need just an entry door, or should you have a double door for loading in larger items? Perhaps a rollup garage style door would be better. Is having maximum light inside a priority, or is privacy a concern?

Keep in mind where your shed will be on your property, this can make it easier to place doors and windows and not have surprises later. If you plan to spend time in the shed all year round, will you need heat or insulation? If you want to use it at night, you should consider the type and amount of lighting you will want.

Get Inspired

To get some basic ideas of the types of sheds available, browse our Shed Price List. The photos and sizes listed there will give you a good idea of what is available.

Next, go to the 3D Shed Builder page. This is an easy way to visualize your shed. You can choose the style of shed you want, and the size. Choosing the type of siding, roofing materials, and roof styles is as easy as clicking a button from the menus on the right side of the screen.

Get Down To the Details

After you have chosen a style and size, it’s time to do some detailing. Add windows, doors, transoms and vents. After you place these, you can move them around. Click on a door or window and get additional options to choose from, including shutters and flower boxes.
Next, you can check out our wide variety of color combinations. You can choose roof, siding, trim, window and door colors. Depending on your trim options, you may have other color choices, including what color you want your flower boxes. Where else will you get to choose that?

Finishing Up

Just a few more details to go! You will also have options for flooring materials or stronger floor joists, depending how you will use your shed. It is also at this stage that you can choose some interior details, such as installing a loft for more storage, stairs, work benches, shelves, and more.
You may notice that we have many more types of sheds available than are featured on our 3D Shed Builder. The Shed Builder is a great tool to give you a basic idea what is possible, but of course, the best way is to stop by for a visit. We have years of experience in helping design just the right shed for your needs.

We can also suggest other options we have available, such as electrical packages, interior walls and other built-ins, depending on how you want to use your shed. If you plan to further customize your shed after we have installed it, adding such features as lights, fans, heat & AC, plumbing, please let us know, because there might be ways we can make that easier for you.

The Pumpkin Patch Market Guarantee

No matter which style shed you have us build for you, large or small, simple or totally fitted out, you can be sure we have given you the best shed you can get for your money. Our sheds are locally made by Amish craftsmen who care about quality and building you a shed that will last for many years.