Thinking of a new sideboard and hutch? You’re not alone. It’s common to add one of these pieces to an existing set of furniture. They can be beautiful pieces of furniture that also serve some very practical purposes.

Although which piece you should consider depends on how you will be using it, here at Pumpkin Patch Market, we have lots of options for either one. In this post, we’ll discuss what sideboards and hutches are, why they are important, and how to choose the right one.

Define Your Needs

Although both sideboards and hutches are mainly for storage, they can have many other uses. Most have closed storage compartments, but some also have sections of varying heights, work areas, and even incorporated seating. Having an area for display is also a feature of hutches and sideboards.

Let’s start by looking at sideboards. Technically, a sideboard is a somewhat shallow, wide, and lower storage unit that is placed along a wall. When used in a dining room, or when used to serve food, they are sometimes called buffets, but in other rooms, they are generally called sideboards.

When used in a dining room, the storage areas are usually for dishes, flatware, table linens, napkins, or anything you would use to set up a dining table. Sometimes there is an open shelf underneath the main storage area. The top of a buffet is often used for serving food in the dining room, when you don’t want guests in your kitchen, or, if you serve food family style, the desserts are often placed there for later. Decorated with seasonal items or candles, a buffet can be a stunning display of food and your personal style.

Hutches have a slightly different purpose. A hutch is basically a sideboard with a tall cabinet on top of it. This cabinet can have open shelves, but usually has glass doors, to display  beautiful pieces of glassware, heirlooms, or anything else, such as collections or books. A hutch can be very useful in a library, study, or office.

Consider Each piece

Let’s take a closer look at each piece, to see which one may work best for you. If you are not  using a sideboard in the dining room, you have a few more options for styling. The top can be lower, allowing for taller objects to be displayed on the top. Consider that closed storage compartments make it look larger, whereas open shelves will give it a lighter, more airy feel. You can also make a statement with the height of the legs. Shorter legs will create a more solid look, taller legs look more modern. Don’t forget, taller legs also make cleaning underneath easier, as well as retrieving lost toys!

Using a sideboard as a buffet to serve food means you need to decide about the top height. Usually, it is recommended to have the top the same as your kitchen countertop. You don’t want to have a low or high surface to serve food from. You will also want to consider the size and scale of the sideboard. Make sure it fits the room, as well as remaining accessible during a meal, if you need more napkins or other stored items. You don’t want to make guests move so you can open doors or drawers. You may also want to save room inside for items normally displayed on top.

Hutches are a very versatile design. Not only can you store the same items as a buffet, but you have even more storage space for showcasing dishes or other items. Having a top section that is raised above the lower section means that you can still serve food or have a work surface.

Whether to have doors, or what type of doors, is another option to consider. No doors means better visibility, but also more dust on the displayed items, as well as leaving them vulnerable to curious fingers. Glass doors allow for viewing while keeping dust down, but the glass doors will need to be kept clean. Either way, adding lighting can make for a stunning display.

Hutches are a good way to create storage when you have limited wall space, because they are more vertical. Corner hutches are an option if you have limited space.

Choose Your Style

As always, here at Pumpkin patch Market, we emphasize custom furniture. We have so many types of wood, stains, finishes, and paint colors available, that it will be easy for us to match your existing furniture. We have numerous styles available, from traditional to modern, as well as some of the latest trends in furniture design. If you want a unique design that is the centerpiece of the room, we can help with that.

After we help you design your dream piece, our teams of local, Amish craftsmen will get to work, using the highest quality materials and their years of experience to build you a new heirloom you will be proud of. Feel free to stop by or contact us to get started: (574) 825-3312.