You’ve made the big decision, it’s time to buy a new dining room table and chairs. And after considering the high-quality construction, the wide range of custom options available, and the benefits of buying a product made by local craftsmen, you have decided to buy a handcrafted Amish dining room table and chairs.

But before you even visit a showroom, there are a number of things to consider, to ensure you get the right dining room furniture for you and your home.

Thinking About The Basics

What is your budget, what type of table and chairs will look good in your home, and what style do you prefer? Did you consider the amount of space you have available to ensure you choose the best table?

Although quality furniture is not cheap, the investment is one that will last for many years. It is worth a bit of consideration and experimenting to make sure you make the right choice.

Of course, it is also important that your dining room furniture serves the people who will be using it right now and in the near future. Will there be young children, or grandchildren, using it regularly, or is everyone more mature? How do you expect the current family to grow or change? What is a realistic number for how many people will want to gather around the table in the next few years?

The First Visit

At this point, you may want to make an initial visit to the showroom.  Look at the styles, shapes, and sizes of tables and chairs. A good idea is to take pictures of your dining room and even other furniture in your home, so won’t select a table that clashes with the colors and styles you already own.

Lighter colored wood will appear smaller, and less overpowering, so if you don’t have much extra space, avoiding heavy, dark furniture is a good idea. If possible, test both the table and chairs you like. Sit in a chair and pull it up to the table. Make sure your legs can extend a bit under the table and don’t keep hitting the legs or support members. Nothing is more annoying than not having a comfortable place for your feet during a meal. Consider support placement as well. Do you want legs at the corners, or a pedestal table? Tables with center support can seat more people comfortably, but are not quite as stable, if that is an issue.

If you have limited space, also make sure to check out tables with leaves that can be removed for everyday living. There’s no need for a table to be at its full size all the time.

Testing the Fit

Once you have a good idea of the style and type of dining room furniture you want, it’s time to do some math. First, figure how many people can sit at the table you like. The showroom staff will be able to help you with this. Each place setting will take about 22-24”. If you end up choosing chairs that are wider than normal, you may need to add to that measurement.

When you have selected a table or two that you like, you may want to go back home and test how they will fit your space. Clear out the room the new table will go in. Using scrap cardboard, make a template that is the shape and size of the table, and place it on the floor. You will want to have minimum of 3’ all around the table, to allow for people to get in and out of chairs easily, and for others to move around the table when people are seated. If it helps you visualize the scene, make cardboard cutouts that are the shape and size of the chairs, to make sure things won’t be too crowded.

As you are measuring, consider that round or oval tables will leave a bit more space at the corners, and have better sight lines for conversation across the table, but they also will seat slightly fewer people.

Wrapping It Up

Before you buy anywhere else, stop by Pumpkin Patch Market and check our selection of dining room furniture. We love meeting new people and helping them choose just the right furniture for their home and lifestyle. In addition to the basics, we will help you with the details, such as finish, fabrics, wood, and even maintenance.

And don’t worry, if you need to return to the showroom a couple times we understand. This is a big decision and we want to make sure you are happy with it.