Rarely does an invention last over 100 years almost unchanged in style and function. The Adirondack chair is one exception. It was first conceived in 1900 in Westport, New York by Thomas Lee, who spent the next 3 years perfecting and testing his design.

Already wealthy, Lee was just trying to design a rugged chair for use in any kind of terrain. When he had his design perfected, he gave it to a friend, Harry Bunnell, who owned a wood shop nearby and was looking for a project to keep him going through the winter.

In 1904, Bunnell patented the chair under the name Westport Chair, evidently with Lee’s blessing, because he was more interested in his bottled water business.

Although Bunnell had patented the style, it was so popular that many other woodworkers began making similar chairs and they became known as Adirondack chairs, being made in that area. An interesting fact, in Canada, this style is called the Muskoka chair, because it was very popular in that region.

One early design change many builders made was to make the seat out of slats, instead of one solid piece of knot-free wood, which is what Lee had originally used. Solid pieces of quality wood this large made the chair harder and more costly to produce.

In 1938, builder Irving Wolpin added the contoured seat and rounded back, creating the classic Adirondack chair we still know today.

Get to Know Our Adirondack Chairs

We all have that image in our mind of an Adirondack chair in someone’s yard, most of the paint gone, a few slats broken or missing, certainly nothing you could sit on in your best clothes. Well, you can put that old image to rest.

Pumpkin Patch Market is happy to say that the classic has been updated, with not only new, more durable materials, but even a few design tweaks that make it even more functional and comfortable. And because it is made by Amish craftsmen, the same tradition of solid construction and quality still endures.

The Adirondack chairs at Pumpkin Patch Market are constructed of the same poly materials as our other outdoor furniture. Now you can enjoy the classic chairs and also choose from many colors. The high UV resistance of our poly material means that they will stay the same bright color year after year, with no peeling or fading. And poly material doesn’t rot when sitting on wet ground, or splinter and crack if left outside in the sun.

Let’s take a closer look at several of the styles of Adirondack chairs that we sell, to give you a better idea what is available. We have many other variations such as rockers, gliders, and benches, but right now we will focus on variations of the basic chair design.

Luxcraft Deluxe Adirondack Poly Chair

This model features the classic angled seat and back, with the contoured seat and rounded front. The high rounded back means your head and neck have plenty of support. The arms are just right for holding a book or your favorite beverage at the ready. The seat is a generous 23” wide and 19.5” deep. The weight of this model is 52 lbs., so it won’t be blowing into your neighbors yard, and won’t tip over when the grandkids clamber all over it. Of course, it is available in over 30 color combinations, so it will match any existing décor you have.

Luxcraft Folding Adirondack Poly Chair

This is our more portable version of the Deluxe. Easily folds for transport to the beach for the day, or your summer cottage for the season. Folding also makes it easier to store. It weighs slightly less, 45 lbs., but all the other style features are pretty much the same as the Deluxe model, including the choices of colors.

Luxcraft Lakeside Adirondack Poly Chair

If you prefer a slightly smaller and more compact version of the classic style, our Lakeside model is for you. The seat measures 20” wide and 15.5” deep, and it is even lighter, at 31 lbs. There are a couple small design changes, as well. The seat front is flatter, and the arms are a more streamlined shape.

Luxcraft Royal Adirondack Poly Chair

The Royal model takes us closer to the design of the Deluxe, but it has some tweaks to make it more comfortable for those of us who need that extra touch. The seat back is 6” taller, to provide more support for tall people, and the seat sits higher from the ground, which is great it you have long legs. The back is also a bit more vertical. It is also heavier, at 59lbs. Comes in the same color choices as all our poly chairs.

Luxcraft Urban Adirondack Poly Chair

If you like the overall style of the Adirondack chair but would prefer something with a more modern look, check out the Urban model. It has cleaner, straighter lines, while retaining the same relaxing seat angle, wide arms, and generous seat as the original. The same sturdy construction and ease of maintenance you’ve come to expect from Luxcraft, plus 32 colors to choose from.

Stop By and Explore

If all these design updates, color choices and low maintenance features have got you thinking that it may be time to think about some Adirondack chairs for your yard, stop in and see our selection at Pumpkin Patch Market. We have these styles and many more, all crafted by Amish builders to the same high standards as all their wood furniture.