Table Of Contents

1. Keeping Your Amish Made Hardwood Furniture Fresh
2. It’s About The Environment
3. Water Is Not For Handmade Hardwood
4. Other Unseen Enemies of Amish Handcrafted Furniture
5. Surface Issues on Hardwood Tables and Chairs
6. Day To Day Care of Quality Hardwood Furniture
7. Let Us Help Care for your Amish Made Hardwood Furniture

Keeping Your Amish Made Hardwood Furniture Fresh

Congratulations! You’ve purchased your dream furniture from Pumpkin Patch Market. It is beautiful Amish furniture, made of solid wood, constructed to last for generations. But how do you make sure it stays looking as good as possible? Outside of those inevitable “character” marks, of course!

It’s About The Environment

One of the biggest enemies of fine wood furniture is drastic changes in the environment such as temperature and humidity. Even though our furniture is sealed very well, wood is still a natural product, and changes in humidity and temperature can cause bending, cracking, warping, and size changes. Make sure your furniture is not too close to a radiator, register, or window AC unit. And as cozy as it is, right next to the fireplace is not where your wood furniture wants to be. Fire not only heats, but dries out wood quickly.

Water Is Not For Handmade Hardwood

As much as wood needs water to grow, after it is made into furniture, water is the enemy. Of course, you want to minimize spills of actual water or other liquids, wiping them up quickly, but water in its invisible form is just as damaging. The humidity should be about 40-45%, and you should use humidifiers or dehumidifiers as needed to keep it near that level. Most important is to prevent drastic changes. If you need to have your humidity a bit higher, keeping it consistent will be key to preserving your fine furniture. Another detail is to make sure you store your table leaves in the same general area as your table. Storing them in a damp basement will make them swell over time, and when it comes time for that big holiday dinner, the leaves may not fit into the table properly.

Other Unseen Enemies of Amish Handcrafted Furniture

If you can see your furniture, there is light hitting it. Of course you can’t help but have light in your home, but try to avoid storing your furniture near a window or large glass expanse that lets UV light hit it all the time. Rearranging the room for that big party won’t be an issue, but try to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Of course, having windows that are UV coated is a very good choice if you are going to invest in quality furniture.

Surface Issues on Hardwood Tables and Chairs

One big issue with wood is keeping the surface looking good. Regular cleaning is a good idea, but so is prevention. Using a tablecloth, table runners, place mats, and coasters are all great ways to keep serving dishes, glasses, and plates from coming into contact with wood and scratching the surface. Make sure that any very hot or cold items don’t directly touch the wood surface.

Day To Day Care of Quality Hardwood Furniture

Regular dusting is a good idea, as it removes small, sharp particles that can scratch if something heavy is placed on top of them. You can use any really soft cloth such as an old T-shirt, cloth diaper, or towel, as long as it’s clean. Always wipe softly and with the wood grain. If you do have a more stubborn dirt problem, you can clean it with very mild soap and water, making sure to dry the surface quickly. Test your cleaning solution on an out of the way place to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface. Above all, do not use any solvents such as nail polish remover or alcohol on the wood for cleaning or any other project, as a spill can ruin the finish. Wax polishes, or anything containing silicone is definitely a no-no.

Let Us Help Care for your Amish Made Hardwood Furniture

Whether you bought your Amish built, solid wood furniture at Pumpkin Patch Market, we can help you with suggestions for maintaining your investment for many years to come. Stop by and talk with us sometime! We stock a variety of furniture friendly cleaners and can help you find the perfect solution to your furniture needs.