If you happen to drive by a home that has a pavilion in the yard, your mind immediately starts working. Your first thought will most likely be, I want one! You can just see yourself and your friends spending summer evenings under the pavilion in your yard, rain or shine, enjoying a relaxing evening.

But then, practicality steps in and says, we don’t have room, we don’t know where to get a good one, we don’t have the money, and who would design it for us?

We are ready to help you achieve your dreams by designing a custom pavilion that is sized just right for your yard, will match your home’s style and colors, and become a valuable addition to your home. And as always, quality is assured, because we have a network of local Amish craftsmen, renowned for using quality materials and workmanship to create structures that will stand the test of time.

Why Would I Want A Pavilion?

Would you enjoy a bit of shade on a hot summer day, with a space to put some seating and maybe a picnic table? Do you love entertaining large groups of family and friends?

Perhaps you have a pool, and have been looking for some shelter and a place to relax and have snacks after a swim. If you have more ambitious plans, maybe you would like an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or a place to hold outdoor meetings, reunions, or other programs.

Any of these activities will take on a whole new dimension when held under your custom designed pavilion. And you can be sure that as soon as your friends and neighbors find out you have a pavilion, they will be lining up to be invited to your next party. And why wouldn’t they? Everyone loves to go to an outdoor function in a unique setting.

We are ready to help you make your dreams a reality. Bring them photos or drawings of your area, and they can give you lots of ideas that will make sure your pavilion looks and works just like you want it to.

Not Just A Roof On 4 Legs

Even though the basic design of a pavilion is simple, there are a lot of options for creating a custom pavilion that is your very own.

Starting at the bottom, you can get creative with the floor. Polished, stained or painted concrete, pavers, tiles, and even rubber are just some of the flooring choices that work well outdoors. We have several different basic styles of pavilions available, and each one can further be personalized with different types of columns, roofing materials, details such a cupola on the roof, and electrical outlets, for those night parties!

Other design options are choosing roofing materials and colors to match your existing home, custom colors of painted wood surfaces, and other decorative detailing.

The surroundings of your pavilion are important as well. Siting your pavilion so it can be sheltered by existing or planned landscaping for more comfort and privacy is also something to think about. If your pavilion is too windy or in plain view of nosy neighbors, you won’t get much fun out of using it.

Once you have the pavilion itself designed, it’s time for the fun extras! Planning and designing a kitchen is always fun, but building one outside is even better! You can have anything from a simple grill to an entire builtin kitchen, with storage, sinks, fridges, cooktops and more. If you want to put on shows or other entertainment, consider a raised stage at one end, perhaps even with stage curtains and spotlights.

An open pavilion offers many options for seating. If you are hosting more formal events, smaller chairs may be in order. If you want to use your pavilion for relaxing parties and family evenings, check out our line of poly outdoor furniture.

No matter what you plan to use your pavilion for, if you want to use it after dark, lighting and heating can extend not only the hours your spend there, but the seasons. You can install lighting for different moods or functions, spotlights for your stage, and work lighting for the food prep areas. For more comfort in the spring and fall, you can install outlets for electric heaters, gas heaters, or for the ultimate in luxury, a big stone fireplace, which gives you a lot of warmth and a homey atmosphere.

As you can see, the possibilities for a pavilion to enrich your life and add to the value of your home are almost endless. Visit our pavilion page to explore popular styles.

The Choice Is Yours

You can rest assured that whatever you use your new pavilion for, it will be something you can enjoy for many years. The sturdy construction, top level materials, and quality Amish craftsmanship that go into every pavilion. Stop by today and let our staff help you get started designing your dream pavilion.