Garden Sheds

Garden sheds from Pumpkin Patch Market are available to fit a variety of uses, from simple storage and pool or play houses, all the way to workshops, offices and barns. Check out our wide selection of styles and sizes.



When you buy a storage shed or portable building from Pumpkin Patch Market, the last thing you have to worry about is quality.

They are designed to be able to handle your needs, built of the best materials which will last many years, and handcrafted by local Amish builders who make sure you are buying only the best.


Getting the perfect shed is easy! Use our interactive shed builder tool to design your your own shed!

Garden Shed Styles

Garden Shed

Our basic style, with windows, entry doors, and roll-up equipment door.

Deluxe Garden Shed

Deluxe shed with door/ramp, dormer for more light, and extra styling details.

Garden Shed With Porch

Shed with entry door onto a porch, dormer, and more space for windows.