A little cabin in the woods. That weekend fishing cabin by the lake. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Even having a cabin by the pond in your back field for visiting friends to spend the night sounds like a lot of fun. Well now it is possible, when you stop by Pumpkin Patch Market and let us help you design your dream cabin.

Rustic Made Special

When you think of a cabin, you may think of a tiny, flimsy shack that has more holes than wall. But what if we tell you that our cabins are all hand built by local Amish craftsmen? That immediately means solid, sturdy construction, using high quality materials, and an end product built to last for many years.

From the top down, our cabins are the next level in durability and comfort. Metal roofs, 4×6 log walls with flexible chinking, insulated windows and floors, and treated skids underneath all work together to give you a cabin that will give you many years of service and great memories.

Whether you want just a small, single level cabin for a couple hunters, or a much larger, two story model to accommodate your whole family for a week or two, we can help you design a cabin with custom options that will make it your own. Although we have several basic floor plans, each one is further customizable to make it fit your exact needs. We even have bump outs to increase your floor space, and can install interior walls for more separate rooms.

Make Memories Year Round

One of the things our cabins focus on is being able to use them year round. For winter comfort, insulated floors are standard, but you can insulate the ceiling, and if you want to finish out the inside, you can insulate the walls as well, although the thick logs offer quite a lot of natural insulation. The flexible chinking between the logs also ensures that the cold winds are kept outside where they belong.

We also offer thermopane double hung windows and electric fireplaces. For summer comfort, our windows come with screens, and you can easily install a window AC unit for the ultimate in cooling. And in summer, the natural insulating properties of the thick log construction works to help keep the heat out.

Customizing Your Cabin

Now that we’ve looked at the basic construction, let’s look at some of the other options we offer to finish out your cabin. If you spend a day or more at your cabin, you will want more of the comforts of home. We offer kitchen and bathroom options, although you will need to finish the plumbing yourself. Microwaves and refrigerators are available, and we supply tables and benches for eating.

More furniture options include bunk beds, sofas or sofa beds. Of course you can also bring your own pieces to furnish it just how you like it. For staying up late, we have interior lighting, with several receps installed for more appliances, lighting or those all-important phone chargers!

Our two story models have lofts that can be used for storage or sleeping. Our largest model has a loft tall enough for standing, so the options for use are even more. Our smaller loft comes with a ladder, the larger one has a stairs with a railing.

We didn’t forget that mom might enjoy putting her personal touches on the cabin as well, so we offer window boxes for planting flowers, and interior curtains. If mom prefers to wait for the hunters to come back with the dinner, we can install a comfy porch swing.

Looks Are Everything

All the attention to inside details doesn’t mean the outside of your cabin has to be plain Jane. The metal roof in your choice of colors, wide side or end porches, roof braces with brackets, rustic shutters and your choice of picket or horse style porch railings means the view you get pulling up to your cabin will be very inviting. And if you don’t like the location or amount of doors and windows on our basic models,  we can put in as many as you want, where you want.

You may be wondering how this beautiful cabin will get to your location. Due to the ingenious design, the roof ends and porch roof fold down for travel. Total time to set up your cabin is about one day, although you will need to supply a level gravel area or concrete slab as a base. Getting wiring and plumbing installed will also add to the total setup time.

Get More Information

We hope this quick overview will inspire you to stop by Pumpkin Patch Market and let us help you plan that getaway cabin you always dreamed of owning. We would welcome the opportunity to explore the options available for you. Having your very own cabin is a phone call away. Call us at (574) 825-3312 today.