hese rustic cabins are built with rugged conditions in mind, as well as looking the part! The log siding, three windows, front and back door, and front porch are just the beginning. Inside is a treated floor and 16” on center floor joists. The area over the porch adds extra storage. Imagine having this in your deer forest!



When you buy a storage shed or portable building from Pumpkin Patch Market, the last thing you have to worry about is quality.

They are designed to be able to handle your needs, built of the best materials which will last many years, and handcrafted by local Amish builders who make sure you are buying only the best.

CABIN Styles


This cabin has a great front porch for spinning tales about the one that didn’t get away!

ek hunter’s cabin

The wider design on this model means more floor space and more storage space over the porch.


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