Table Of Contents

1. Finding The Best Amish Handcrafted Dining Room Furniture
2. Design Your Own Dining Room Table
3. Choosing Woods, Colors & Finish For Your New Amish Built Furniture
4. Don’t Forget The Custom Made Chairs!
5. Completing The Amish Dining Room Furniture Order
6. The Inside Story on Amish Custom Made Furniture
7. The Finishing Touches on Amish Handcrafted Dining Room Furniture
8. Quality Is Worth Waiting For

Finding The Best Amish Handcrafted Dining Room Furniture

When was the last time you enjoyed shopping for a new dining room? First you have a long drive to one of a dwindling number of furniture stores. The store looks huge, but when you get inside, only a small portion is set up in dining rooms. A close look at the furniture reveals shoddy workmanship, cheap materials, very poor selection, and they don’t even have anything you like. If they have any options available at all, it’s a special order and they make you feel bad for wanting something custom. And you can tell the salesperson is just on commission and doesn’t really care.

Would you be interested in the most fun experience you’ve ever had shopping for furniture? A place where they ask you what you want, then build it for you? Of course you would! Stop by Pumpkin Patch Market to begin your journey to a dining room that has been designed by you, and built by local craftsmen with a total commitment to creating heirloom pieces just for you.

Design Your Own Dining Room Table

When you enter the showroom at Pumpkin Patch Market, you may be shocked at the size. How can they have enough furniture here so you can get just what you want? The answer is, you haven’t designed it yet! Sit down with the friendly staff, and in no time, you will be involved in making choices you never thought you could make. If you already have an idea what style of furniture you like, great. But if not, it won’t take long to start narrowing it down. You can find some of our table collections online.

The design process begins by deciding how you want to use your dining space. Do you need a large family style table that will work for everyday and large gatherings? Do you prefer restaurant style, with several smaller tables in a large room? Table height is also a popular new option, with some people preferring diner height tables and chairs. Will you want accessory pieces in the dining room, such as hutches? We have those as well.

After understanding how you want to use your dining room, the design process begins. Let’s look at tables first. We have at least 10 different shapes of table tops. Do you want a corner leg table, center pedestal, trestle table, double pedestal, or something different? Once you decide on the design of the table, then the styles come into play. Any of the leg designs are available in many styles, from traditional to very modern, and everything between. And you aren’t locked in to matching the top to the legs, either, If you want a different style top than the legs, we can do that, subject to any construction problems that might not let it work. 

Choosing Woods, Colors & Finish For Your New Amish Built Furniture

Now that your table is designed, there are still more choices for you! What species of wood do you want, and in what color and finish? And you will be choosing from real wood! No chipboard, particle board, or manufactured wood products are ever used in Pumpkin Patch furniture! The combinations are almost endless, and we can usually match any existing furniture you have. If you like a rough sawn surface, or a live edge, we can do that. If you want the table top of finished wood, but would like painted and distressed legs, no problem. Another thing you will need to decide is how many leaves you want for your table. Some of our customers have designed tables that are 18’ long, so a large family is not an issue. 

Don’t Forget The Custom Made Chairs!

Now that your table is designed, you will need chairs. We have a huge variety of chairs to choose from. Of course you can have the chairs match the table exactly, but you don’t have to. You can choose a chair style that is complementary to the table, or one that is completely different. If you are into very rustic or shabby chic styles, you can have every chair different! It’s all up to you. If bench seating is something you like, we have benches that have leaves, so they can be extended just like the table. If you prefer upholstered chairs, we have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, and if you want more than one type of fabric on your chairs, we can do that as well.

Completing The Amish Dining Room Furniture Order

Now that you have designed your table and chairs, let’s move on to the other pieces that can complete a dining room. Servers, side tables, wine storage cabinets, china cupboards, and many other items, are all available with many hardware, wood and finish options. A visit to our showroom will also give you many choices for decorative items to give your new dining room that finished look.

The Inside Story on Amish Custom Made Furniture

By now you are probably wondering how we can provide such customized work at a price you can afford. Pumpkin Patch has created a manufacturing plan that allows us to ensure not only the highest quality, but also allow the customer the widest variety of options.

When you order a dining room from Pumpkin Patch, we call on several woodworking shops to start building your pieces. Local builders, committed to quality work, are constantly monitored to make sure the quality is up to our standards. These shops specialize in different parts of your dining room. One makes chairs, another tables, and so on. Depending what pieces you order, as many as 4 separate shops will be building your order. 

Each shop not only builds furniture, but includes those little details you may never notice, details that will enhance your ownership experience and the life of the piece. Extra reinforcements, hand selected wood, applying finish to all surfaces, and many other construction details, are standard at our shops.

The Finishing Touches on Amish Handcrafted Dining Room Furniture

After all your furniture is constructed by the different shops, it is then sent to one finishing shop, to ensure perfect matches of colors and stains. We also have an upholstery shop, which does all our fabric work.

Having this manufacturing system allows your dining room to get made by people who do the same thing every day, and have become experts. With all our builders being very local, it allows for very low transportation costs, and makes it possible for us to visit the shops any time. 

Quality Is Worth Waiting For

You might think that this system makes everything run smoothly, resulting in furniture flying out the door. And in some ways that is true.

But our furniture has become so popular with customers, that our lead time can be 8 weeks or more during our busy season. But as in most things in life, quality is worth waiting for, and our customers soon find out that waiting a few weeks was worth it, for heirloom furniture that will last for generations.

So if you need to update that ragged old dining room, stop by Pumpkin Patch Market. We will help you get started on your journey to designing your dream dining room.

“I am so happy with my new table and chairs. They were just exactly as I had wanted/ordered. Ken was so helpful and knowledgeable when placing the order and the guys that delivered and set the table up were true gentlemen. The Pumpkin Patch experience was excellent! Thank you.”   

Connie N.

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