Chicken coops

This chicken coop is just the thing for backyard farmers! Big enough to be useful, small enough to fit anywhere. Raised on skids for easy moving and summer cooling, it also features a human size door, chicken door, and external access to eggs and nest boxes.



When you buy a storage shed or portable building from Pumpkin Patch Market, the last thing you have to worry about is quality.

They are designed to be able to handle your needs, built of the best materials which will last many years, and handcrafted by local Amish builders who make sure you are buying only the best.

Chicken Coop Styles

Cottage Chicken Coop

This model is generously sized to provide a larger family with eggs, maybe even some to sell!

Chicken Coop

If you have very little space, or just don’t need many eggs, this model is perfect for keeping chickens in the city.


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