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LuxCraft 2' Plain Bench


The LuxCraft 2′ Plain Bench (chair) is so named due to its simple rollback design. It easily seats 1 adult and comes in 14 color options.

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The LuxCraft Poly Plain Bench is named for its simple design but don’t be fooled-it’s a beautiful 2′ bench that would look great on an outdoor patio. It easily seats one adult and would be more appropriately named a “chair”. It comes in 14 beautiful color options.

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Antique Mahogany / Black, Antique Mahogany, White, Black, Chestnut Brown, Weatherwood, Birch / White, Weatherwood / Chestnut Brown, Weatherwood / Black, Cedar / Black, Cherrywood / Black, Dove Gray / Black, Dove Gray / Slate, Green


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